Summary of my comment on our last review (May 19th):

1. We have agreed and started to implement pension contribution (LPA new scheme) on payroll/monthly pay slip to reflect previous month actions (like the way we manage overtime payment).  During the process preparing May payroll, you still included a summary based on May actual salary; also you missed to include difference (adjustment amount) of salary as the base for pension calculation.

2. You should have confirmed whether to go ahead right after official completion of payroll on the Group Insurance monthy salary update to Kuo Hua.  Do you intend to follow up with Ms. Hou?

3. Supplier List was firstly scheduled to check on last Fri.   I have reminded you if you would like to have more time, please let me know and keep me updated where we are.   But there is nothing I heard before late Thurs.  Then late today latest update of unable to finish.

4. Employee data for Free Shares - I also said it's expected early last week, however until today.

5. Hua-Lien (ALSTOM Projects Taiwan former employee) - Wendy to follow up Wed. afternoon because LI bureau inquired.  I'm not looking for reason or excuses - credibility is built by minutes and by days.

6. Do not leave any of salary related information on your desk (face up).

7. Perspective - supplier's list to be finished when all inquiries can be responded.  I suggest not to look from the way that you have long ago requested but people do not respond to you a.s.a.p.   They have their own priorities.  The key point is how you are going to get people to work with you, to cooperate with you.

I mentioned I would summarize the feedback.  Please take them to reflect to your daily work, if you find them useful.  They're not official criticism, so no need to defend.  Improvement is to do good for yourself, not for anyone else.


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